9/24/2007 | 1 MINUTE READ

Control System For CNC Turning Centers

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Designed for turning centers, Fagor Automation’s 8070 T CNC is based on the Windows XP operating system. This allows for the integration of various online software configurations and makes the control an open-architecture system. The CNC features either an 11" or 15" high-resolution, TFT LCD screen as well as four execution channels, allowing multiple, simultaneous turning operations. It can control as many as 28 axes plus four spindles.


In addition, bar feeder, tailstock, cutoff-tool and other movements not directly involved with machining the part are configured as independent axes and can be executed without interrupting machining. The control’s spindle synchronization feature allows a part to be machined in a single fixturing operation on a dual-spindle lathe. After one side of the part is machined, it is switched to the second spindle for work on the other side. The switch is made by coupling both spindles in speed and synchronizing them in position, an operation that does not require a home search.


The CNC also features a conversational programming editor and an intelligent profile editor that is similar to an integrated Mini CAD. This allows the CNC to create profiles without complex calculations, allowing preparation of small part programs faster than an external CAD/CAM system, the company says. In addition, the control’s various filters are designed to eliminate oscillations caused by the machine’s own frequencies and reduce the mechanical stress of the system. Acceleration and jerk control smooth toolpath changes and reduce mechanical stress to extend machine life and accuracy, the company says. 


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