Coolant Filters Prevent Delivery-Line Plugging

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Coolant delivery systems that direct coolant precisely to the working area, such as through-tool and through-spindle systems, are susceptible to plugging by chips and fines in the coolant. This can cause tool breakage and unscheduled machine shutdowns. To avoid these problems, Keller Products offers XS075 washable, in-line coolant filters. Installed in coolant-delivery lines, the filters have stainless steel housings and washable plastic filter elements that are said to never need replacement. 


With a high flow rate at low pressure drop, the filters are a viable alternative to conventional disposable models, the company says. The plastic filter elements can be cleaned with water or in a parts cleaner using any shop cleaning agent or solvent. The filter assemblies are available in line sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2" for flow rates as high as 50 gallons per minute.

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