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11/1/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cost Analysis Software Uses Data-Driven Model

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Boothroyd Dewhurst announces the availability of DFM Concurrent Costing 3.0.


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Boothroyd Dewhurst announces the availability of DFM Concurrent Costing 3.0. Deployed as a cost-analysis tool for engineering and procurement teams, the latest software allows manufacturers to move beyond price models, based largely on past bids, to industrial cost models grounded in scientific test data and studies. The result is a view of the product that offers insight into hidden cost drivers and ways to optimize both design and production.

DFM 3.0 enables OEMs and their suppliers to explore bids in a neutral framework that discusses machine types, speeds, processing sequences and optimum levels of automation. This environment encourages supplier suggestions and deeper, integrated partnerships built around expertise, best-cost practices and shared goals.

The differences between traditional price models and data-driven cost models can affect decisions about where companies move a product for manufacturing, the company says. Properly-designed and costed products are said to be more likely to stay at their original manufacturing location and near existing resources. OEMs and suppliers can collaborate around DFM software to address these and other strategic issues.

Highlights of the latest version include simplified geometry calculators with greater support, streamlined process libraries and manufacturing operations, a new Test View panel, and a more cohesive user experience. Performance of the DFA/DFM software link has been improved for more seamless data integration between software packages, and data export of management reports has been improved so teams can more easily use these DFM Cost results in their spreadsheets and presentations.

To better serve procurement personnel joining engineers for the supplier phase of design review, the product has an enhanced Manufacturing Profiles feature. Users can compare manufacturing costs across geographic regions with just a few clicks.

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