Cost-Saving Grade for Steel Turning

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Sumitomo’s new AC8025P grade for steel turning achieves higher productivity and a longer tool life for significantly reduced machining costs.

Featuring Sumitomo’s own Absotech Platinum CVD coating combined with a newly-developed tough carbide substrate, the AC8025P provides exceptional cutting-edge chipping resistance and adhesion resistance. Significant improvements to the coating adhesion strength control residual stress and provide more than twice the chipping resistance as compared to conventional coatings, while maintaining wear resistance.

A smooth surface treatment greatly improves adhesion resistance along the ridgeline of the cutting edge. When machining low-carbon steel, rolled steel and other materials prone to adhesion, where problems such as peeling or chipping of the coating layer at the cutting edge, deterioration of the surface finish and reduced tool life may occur, the AC8025P increases tool life stability. Excellent edge sharpness greatly reduces chattering.

The AC8025P grade is suitable for a wide variety of steel turning applications, including continuous cutting, light interrupted cutting and interrupted cutting.

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