Creep-Feed And Flat Surface Grinding

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The Blohm Precimat 306 CNC, a surface and profile grinding system from United Grinding Technologies (UGT), is useful for single-piece and batch production. Because the machine can address small lots, it can be useful in tool-and-die and medical applications. Another application for which the grinder is suited is higher-volume runs.


The machine embodies a modular concept. Like other Blohm machines, this grinder is assembled from base modules, including the machine bed, column, wheelhead and machine table. The grinding range is 600 mm × 300 mm; the table clamping area is 1,000 mm × 300 mm. The distance between the table surface and the spindle center is 125 mm to 575 mm, while the grinding wheel is 300 mm × 50 mm × 76.2 mm. An optional grinding wheel measuring 400 mm × 80 mm × 127 mm is also offered. The 5.9-kW variable speed main spindle achieves speeds from 5,100 rpm. The machine can be configured with either a horizontal grinding spindle or a vertical grinding spindle.