Curve Segment Cutting Tools Shorten Process Times


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Inovatools has released the Curvemax series of curve segment cutting (CSC) mills for copy milling. These universal carbide curve segment mills, available in tangential and conical form, are said to shorten the process times required for finishing complex, freeform surfaces in a variety of materials. Curvemax mills also enhance the surface quality compared with standard, full-radius mills, the company says.

The tools’ geometric properties enable larger path distances and line jumps during pre-finishing and finishing. Although the working radius is larger than that of a traditional full-radius mill, the tool still has the same diameter. This leads to a significant reduction in process times. Thanks to the bigger engagement width, the cutting edge does not suffer from wear at any point. The smooth, high-performance Varocon coating helps to increase the tool's service life. The larger and flatter overlap reduces roughness and maintains good surface finishes, the company says. Inovatools offers the CSC-Curvemax mills in conical and tangential form as four-edged cutters for finishing.

According to the company, the Curvemax CSC tools also open up new production methods. For example, the tools can be used to reliably create undercuts, freeform surfaces and variable setting angles. In addition, complex contours can be pre-finished and finished, even on narrow inside radii. One application is in the aviation and aerospace industry. In addition to high surface quality and shorter production times, Inovatools claims that Curvemax mills considerably increase productivity and cut workpiece costs, for example, in the production of turbine blades or the pocket milling of aeronautical components made from aluminum alloys.