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Curved Geometry High-Feed Milling Cutters

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Millstar, a Cole Carbide company, introduces a high-feed program that features profile and contour milling cutters with stringent geometric form that is designed for high speed and high-performance machining applications. The curved geometry of the program generates cutting forces upward toward the spindle, helping reduce vibration and deflection while allowing for high chip loads, the company says.   The program is available in a selection of cutting diameters—from 2 mm to 4", and it handles interrupted cuts while providing versatility. Tooling options include solid carbide, four-flute tooling from 0.125" to 0.5" (2 to 12 mm) in diameter. Another option includes a two flute, single insert that fits into the company’s standard CYF and TAF toolholders in diameters ranging from 0.375" to 1" (10 to 25 mm). Finally,  multiple flute, four rotational inserts from 1" to 4" ( 20 to 100 mm) in diameter are options.   The tooling can be used in applications including roughing of virtually all softer materials from mold steels to Titanium alloys including nickel-based alloys and Stainless steel alloys, when combined with the company’s XRN coating. Heat-treated materials up to 60 HRc can be roughed when combined with the company’s HSN coating.  


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