Cutter Grinder

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The Alexander 2CG single lip cutter grinder prepares a variety of carbide and HSS cutter shapes for moldmaking. According to the company, rapid and easy mounting of varying grades of grinding wheels, including diamond impregnated, uses interchangeable wheel flanges with adjustable balancing weights. The design, says the company, delivers precise accuracy and minimizes noise and vibration. Easy wheel dressing can be accomplished with the cutter in place, the company says. The grinder grinds offset radii, back relief and dovetail cutters. It is said to provide a fast, accurate means to produce or regrind single flute mold and engraving cutters. Features include an adjustable workhead (0.001" increments) that moves parallel to the grinding wheel axis, with free or controlled movement across the face of the grinding wheel; universal movement, allowing the workhead to rotate horizontally or vertically; third cross-slide with vernier scale graduated in 0.001" for grinding offset radii; and 90-degree rotary movement that can be increased 30 degrees when grinding back relief or dovetail cutters.

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