Cutting Tools Designed For Cast Iron Machining

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Seco Tools offers its Double Octomill and Troubleshooter cutting tools. The tools feature a hard coating (HV 700) that is said to lengthen tool life, and the design is suited for the machining of cast iron components.    Featuring 16 cutting edges, the Double Octomill is suited for heavy metal removal. It also offers a positive cutting rake at any cutter angle, which allows users to achieve higher cutting speeds for increased productivity and lower component cost. Additionally, this cutter can be used for both roughing and finishing as it features pocket seats that are adaptable to wiper inserts. The cutters are available in both close- or super-close pitch in sizes from 63 to 160 mm.    The Troubleshooter, featuring an 88-degree angle setting, is a high-metal-removal cutter intended for applications where it is critical to be able to reach 90-degree component walls or to machine closely to the fixture. This can eliminate secondary machining operations, the company says. Additionally, the effective rake angle is typically positive to provide higher cutting speeds and higher productivity. The Troubleshooter is available in a close- or super-close pitch style with a variety of insert choices.

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