Cycle-Counting Inventory Management Application

AutoCrib 5.1 is the latest version of the company’s SQL-based client/server inventory management software application. The software is designed to offer database stability in large networked AutoCrib environments. In addition, it is said to offer secure and flexibile communications with external servers and systems such as AutoCrib.Net, Activants, TPCX exchange and other supply chain management systems.


Among the new features of this release are a cycle counting module, an inventory management system for calculating reorder points and a new graphical user interface for assigning RoboCrib bins. Also included is a new report wizard for developing custom reports. Operators can add user-defined information fields in every major table and calculate and reset a moving average cost or price.


In addition, the application is said to allow users to easily upgrade AutoCrib 4.2 systems. Like its predecessors, the application is capable of managing the company’s line of point-of-use dispensing systems and traditional cribs and stores. It can run as Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) on a standard PC or true SQL on a server with an SQL server license.


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