Cylindrical Grinder Offers Non-Rounding Grinding

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The company has released its updated 1210G universal vertical grinding machine. This versatile CNC-controlled grinding platform is optimized to be used in a variety of precision grinding applications involving round and non-round parts combined with standard or superabrasive tooling. The new direct drive oil hydrostatic C-axis is said to provide smooth and accurate contouring capability. Multiple tooling stations, combined with an indexable grinding spindle, allow several operations to be performed on the workpiece in one setup.

A multi-tasking CNC controller is combined with a conversational part program software package said to create a user-friendly interface between the machine and the operator. Linear scales provide feedback to high speed digital servodrives offering a programming resolution of 0.1 micron. The touchscreen PC control interface presents a variety of connectivity and communication options.

The vertical configuration of the machine simplifies part loading and provides ease of access for setup, process monitoring and on-machine part inspection, the company says. The fully-enclosed upper guarding does not inhibit work zone accessibility from the front or top providing ample space for operator or crane access. Although small in footprint, the grinding machine allows workpieces up to 12" in diameter by 10" in length to be machined.

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