Cylindrical Grinder Provides Three Parallel Spindles

Available from United grinding, the Studer S122 internal cylindrical grinding machine is designed for the production of small to medium-size workpieces in small- and large-scale production.


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Available from United grinding, the Studer S122 internal cylindrical grinding machine is designed for the production of small to medium-size workpieces in small- and large-scale production. With a swing diameter of 220 mm, this production grinding machine can machine workpieces ranging to 120 mm in length. The maximum grinding length is 110 mm for internal and 40 mm for external diameters.

The axis concept and the parallel spindle arrangement, in which up to three spindles can be used, provide shorter auxiliary times. The fully integrated loader delivers shorter loading times. Different loading systems are available, each adaptable to specific applications and processes using a modular design. In addition, complex systems with pre- and post-process stations, automatic correction, measured value recording and evaluation can also be implemented on the S122.

With high thermal stability, the cylindrical grinder provides high process reliability during internal grinding. As many as three dressing stations promote process reliability. One dressing unit can be mounted in front and one behind the motorized workhead, which features automatic cylindricity correction, and the hydraulic retraction unit can accommodate rotating dressing tools. In parallel to the dressing concept, the modular spindle concept enables optimal adaptation to the grinding task at hand. One of as many as three spindles arranged in parallel can be equipped with an external grinding wheel. These spindles can be individually equipped with automatic arbor deflection compensation, which further increases process reliability.

The StuderGuide guideway system with linear motors for the X and Z axes is coated with Granitan S200 wear-resistant guideway surfacing material and is said to maintain highaccuracy through the entire speed range, with high load capacity and cushioning levels. The slides are driven by linear motors with direct measuring systems, which offer a resolution of 10 nm. The maximum travel speed is 20 m/min. for both axes. 


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