Dapra Offers Range of Datamark Systems Dot Peen, Fiber Laser Marking Devices


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Datamark devices on offer from Dapra

Dapra Marking Systems now offers Spanish manufacturer Datamark Systems’ dot peen and fiber laser marking machines. The Datamark portfolio includes several series of marking devices. 

  • The MP Mobile series of cordless, battery-operated, handheld dot peen markers can be operated from a mobile device or Windows software.
  • The FL series of fiber laser markers come in 20-, 30- and 50-W models with Windows software.
  • The MP Portable series of pneumatic, handheld dot peen markers feature industrial touchscreen controllers in addition to Windows software control. This series is said to be ideal for creating deep, permanent marks.
  • The MP Combo series enables the pairing of any MP Mobile or MP Portable device with Datamark’s column/base to create a flexible combination portable/benchtop marking solution with quick, tool-free changeover.
  • The MP-120 Advanced Electric benchtop dot peen marker includes a touchscreen controller in addition to Windows software control.
  • The MP Integrated series of pneumatic dot peen markers with mountable touchscreen controller is designed for marking within production lines and manufacturing cells.