Datanomix Debuts Fusion GEMBA Functionality

Datanomix has launched its Fusion GEMBA product, which automatically gathers data from company ERP systems to produce a real-time GEMBA board.


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An image of a company using Datanomix's Fusion GEMBA system

Datanomix has launched its Fusion GEMBA product. This new offering takes the GEMBA approach to streamline continuous improvement operations and planning.

The product’s headlining feature is a digital GEMBA board — a real-time indicator of key factory metrics around safety, quality, delivery, cost and inventory that offers quick visual drill-downs into any customer, project or part. The software operates automatically, only requiring a connection to the ERP system.

Fusion GEMBA continues to build on Datanomix’s production intelligence mission by automatically pulling together critical metrics that describe important facets of factory operations, making people aware of whether performance is increasing or not, and why. Where Fusion Monitoring quantifies individual job performance using real-time data from manufacturing equipment, Fusion GEMBA leverages existing ERP data to derive intelligence at the factory level.

“We designed our GEMBA software from the user up, to be automated, real-time, simple to follow and serve as the pulse of the entire factory at a glance,” says Greg McHale, Datanomix co-founder and CTO. “Fusion GEMBA automatically retrieves vital operations information, sorts it and updates it constantly in order to deliver a dynamic view of the entire operation as it is happening.”

“Our customers asked us to automate their GEMBA workflow to streamline continuous improvement efforts while improving overall communications across the plant,” says John Joeseph, Datanomix CEO and co-founder. “They needed a heads-up display for their factories and we provided it to them in a way that is seamless, easy to follow and requires zero input from them. We let their ERP systems chug along while we amplify the critical factory information that people can act on right now.”

Fusion GEMBA is available with Fusion Monitoring or as a standalone product. Datanomix recommends running both software products on smart TVs.