Deep-Draw Hydraulic Press Is Equipped with Two Robots

Fabtech 2017: Greenerd Press & Machine Company will showcase its automated deep-draw hydraulic press solution.

Greenerd Press & Machine Company will showcase its automated deep-draw hydraulic press solution. The custom press is fully integrated with two six-axis FANUC robots that load and unload and prompt the press to perform the operations to produce a heavy-duty, high-pressure cylinder tank.

The horizontal four-post, gib-guided press has a 750-ton cylinder main ram (adjustable down to 150 tons) with a 350-ton cushion (adjustable down to 70 tons). The platen size is 113" × 112" × 588" with a daylight maximum open distance of 180". The control features touchscreen functions and setup parameters.

The press has a 108" stroke capability and a 48" draw. The cushion clamps a blank between the main ram and the cushion platen, and the main ram pushes the 100-lb, 60" blank over a punch attached to the stationary platen coining the part on the top before returning. The double-moving platen enables the press to draw the long part at one speed and tonnage, and switch to another speed and tonnage to coin the part while still moving. A FANUC robot moves between the double platens to retrieve the part, and instructs the press when and at which velocity to extract the part.