Deposit Tape At 2,000 IPM

Engineered for high throughput, fast lay-up and easy setup, Charger tape-layer machines are available in low-rail gantry platforms and feature new tape heads. The machines can deposit tape at speeds as fast as 2,000 ipm (50.8 m/min) while achieving aerospace-grade placement accuracies on complex contours, according to manufacturer Cincinnati Machine. The machines lay 3", 6" or 12" (75, 150 or 300 mm) carbon/epoxy tape with virtually any orientation and number of plies to ensure consistent part shape, thickness and strength. Parts can be laid up over tool surfaces with contours, flats and changing geometries. The contour tape head is designed for easy setup and operation to contribute to higher total throughput. Compared to previous models, it enables faster side-loading of tape rolls as wide as 12" (300 mm) with diameters as large as 25.6" (650 mm), the company says. The head design features integrated ultrasonic laminate cutting, cutter depth-setting assistance and dockable inkjet marking. Available in medium and large sizes, the low-rail gantry platforms are designed to provide fast, accurate lay-up with high structural stiffness and rigidity. High-rail gantry platforms are also available.

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