Diesinking EDM Withstands Temperature Fluctuations

GF AgieCharmilles offers a diesinking EDM machine, Form 20/30, that is said to provide consistent reliability as well as ensure high rigidity, good interference and reduced setup times.   Constructed with a rigid cast iron C-frame and cross-table design, the solution features stiffness and is suited to withstand the temperature fluctuations found in the standard workshop environment. The machine is designed with an integrated tool capacity for four to six positions, as well as glass scales on all axes that continuously measure axis positions.   The solution is also equipped with an intuitive human-machine interface, which is designed with “non-EDM experts” in mind. This ensures that machine operators with minimal experience can program a job and quickly yield the desired geometrical and surface finish results in virtually all cavities.   The system can be integrated into a data network via LAN for remote monitoring and data management. Adding to the smart design of control is the Advanced Power Generator, a high efficiency, high output 72/103 Amp generator that is said to deliver high speed, consistent surface finish quality, precision, low wear and high removal rates.  

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