Digital Measuring System

The company is introducing two new digital Microgage receivers for improving machinery and equipment alignment on the factory floor. These new receivers connect directly to the Microgage 2000 display and can be used up to 80' from the laser source. Their accuracy of 0.0001" (0.003 mm) is designed for checking machine tool runout, aligning rollers, spindle alignment, positioning shafts and gear drive systems, bore alignment and other factory projects. This alignment system can be used by manufacturing employees, right on their own production lines, for checking alignment, improving manufacturing efficiency, reducing costly downtimes and saving money.

The system works with a laser transmitter that projects a collimated laser reference beam that is captured by a receiver connected to a digital display. As the receiver moves, relative to the laser beam, the display provides readout of the measurement. By moving the receiver to various locations, the surface or mechanical device can be measured, checked and adjusted. The operator can change the measuring units and adjust functions, and the system will connect to a laptop for recording readings, analysis and generating reports.

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