Digital Pressure Gage Monitors Pressure Spikes

The HPM110 digital pressure gage is designed for continuous monitoring or test monitoring of oil, gas, water and hydraulic and pneumatic pressure in mobile equipment, industrial equipment and process-control equipment. Webster Instruments’ gage monitors working pressure and damaging pressure spikes with a digital display. The handheld unit can be installed using a standard test point, or it can be left permanently connected in a system. Because the solution is battery powered, it requires no external wiring. The gage simultaneously displays actual pressure, peak pressure, battery level and the selected engineering units. It also has a backlight that users can activate. Using the front panel buttons, the user can clear peak value; display minimum, maximum and actual pressure; reset the zero point; and change the engineering units. The unit measures 3" in diameter with a protective rubber cover and is available in 1,500-psi and 8,700-psi models.