Dillon Carbinite Coating Improves Jaw Gripping Strength

Dillon’s Carbinite is a wear-resistant, textured carbide coating that’s designed to improve grip on workpieces. 


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Dillon Manufacturing Carbinite coating for hard and soft jaws

Dillon Manufacturing introduces Carbinite, a wear-resistant, textured carbide coating that’s designed to reduce or eliminate slippage. The company says that in clamping tests, Carbinite has been shown to nearly double the gripping strength at equal clamping force, and that customers report increased grip and longer tool life. Improving the grip on workpieces can help support mill performance and reduce cycle times. Using a process called electro spark deposition, machinists can add Carbinite to hard or soft jaws after they are milled to customer requirements. The wear-resistant carbide alloys display bond strength without annealing or distortion. The coating is suitable for hard or soft jaws, particularly vise jaws and step jaws used for clamping applications.