Dillon Manufacturing Launches New Line of Vise Jaws

Dillon Manufacturing’s new line of vise jaws comes in a variety of materials, blanks and hardnesses, with an option for a wear-resistant Carbinite coating.


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A photo of a Dillon Vise Jaw with a Carbinite coating

Dillon Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a new line of vise jaws with tolerances to +/- .002” in all dimensions — including flatness — with machined work surfaces to fit the contours and curves of workpieces. These jaws are available in standard or custom blanks and come in 1018 steel, stainless, 6061 aluminum, or specified alloy models. Customers can also purchase soft or hardened (heat-treated) jaws in HD or HDL vises. The jaws’ industry-standard hole patterns fit most manufactured vises, including Chick, Kurt, TE-Co, Toolex and Palmgren.

An option for Carbinite coating improves gripping after machining the vise jaws to specifications. Dillon says that Carbinite coatings, which are comprised of wear-resistant carbide alloys, display exceptional bond strength without annealing or distortion.

Dillon produces these jaws in the USA in ISO 9001:2015 facilities, with what it says are industry-leading lead-times.


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