Dillon Pin Location Jaws Hold Deformation-Sensitive Parts

Dillon Manufacturing CNC mills its pin location jaws for air chucks to the highest possible workpiece location accuracy, better enabling them to hold thin-wall and deformation-sensitive parts.


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A photo of Dillon's full-grip pin location jaws for air chucks

Dillon Manufacturing Inc. uses CNC milling to machine its full-grip (pie) blank jaws for air chucks to the highest possible accuracy for workpiece location, enabling the chucks to firmly hold thin-wall and deformation-sensitive workpieces. The full-grip jaws fit standard in chuck sizes ranging between 4” and 10” diameters. Full-grip jaws are available in 1018 steel and 6061 aluminum, and standard jaw heights are between 1’ and 4”.

Customers can request jaw customization – experienced Dillon application engineers perform a quotation of these engineering services at no charge. Custom jaws are typically available with industry-leading lead-times of three days or less. Dillon manufactures all of its products in the USA and is ISO 9001:2015-registered.