Distributed Control Network for Machine Tools

Marposs will introduce its new Blú distributed control network for machine tools.

Marposs will introduce its new Blú distributed control network for machine tools. The system architecture enables real-time communication between internal and external machine functions.

The modular system is comprised of a central processing unit located in the machine’s control panel with compact nodes to control functions such as part flagging, gaging of electromechanical actuation and in-process measurement, acoustic emission sensing, wheel balancing, and process monitoring. All communication between the master processing unit and the functional nodes is handled by a single cable, which is said to simplify installation, maintenance and upgrading of the control system.

The system can be adapted for a variety of uses, from simple control applications to integrated production and control systems. The modular architecture enables users to modify the system according to their specific requirements by adding the necessary function nodes and the associated application software packages. The system features technical solutions for machine tools with the company’s current measuring and process control sensors.

Components of the system are designed to provide mechanical reliability and withstand challenging working environments, coolants, vibration and temperature variations as well as the presence of waste materials produced by the machining process.


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