Double-Column VMC For Large Workpieces

The DCV-4025B is a double-column VMC that is capable of handling oversized, heavy workpieces for aerospace and die mold applications. The bridge-style VMC offers X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 160" × 98.4" × 30". The machine has oversized roller-type guideways on the X and Y axes and hardened and grounded box ways on Z axis for machining rigidity. Its 4,500-rpm, 50-taper spindle is powered by a 30-hp motor coupled with two-speed gearbox transmission for high torque output. An optional 6,000-rpm spindle option for higher metal removal rate and a 10,000-rpm isolated-direct-drive spindle for die/mold applications are available. The machine’s 40-tool, swing-arm ATC allows quick tool changes, and its dual spiral-type chip conveyor system automatically carries away chips to a centralized area.

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