Drill And Chamfer In One Operation

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A new solution for combining drilling and chamfering into one operation is being introduced by the company. This line of solid carbide drills—in conjunction with a chamfer collet chuck system—can be used instead of specialized step drills in many applications from 5/32" to 3/4" (4mm to 20 mm). This drill/chamfer combination is designed to perform at recommended drill parameters to the full depth of the hole.


The chamfer collars fit onto the company’s chamfer collar collet chucks, available for CT 40, CT 50, BT 30 , 40, 50, HSK 63A and straight shanks. These collet chucks use standard DR (ER) style collets and are offered in three sizes—DR 20, 25, 32. XT precision collets and nuts can also be used if greater clamping forces are required. The chamfer collars feature adjustable insert cartridges that are indexable to chamfer at a 90-degree included angle. Collars are available in three sizes to fit the corresponding collet chucks. The company says this chamfering collar/collet chuck assembly features a balanced design to G2.5 at 10,000 rpm.


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