Drill Series Enables Accurate High-Speed Machining

IMTS 2018: Kyocera Precision Tools’ DRV Magic Drill series of indexable drills is designed for holemaking in the machine tool business.


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Kyocera Precision Tools’ DRV Magic Drill series of indexable drills is designed for holemaking in the automotive, aerospace and medical device industries. The series combines a CVD-coated insert on the outside cutting edge and a PVD-coated insert on the inside cutting edge. This enables high-speed machining and drilling precision.

The insert chipbreakers improve chip evacuation, and the holder’s thick center core provides rigidity. The series can reach depths from 2×D to 6×D. The series includes diameters ranging from 0.625" to 1.000" and from 14 to 32 mm. Four chipbreaker designs cover a range of machining applications.

The inserts are designed with four usable cutting edges to reduce machining costs. The outside insert cutting edge has a U-shaped design that provides smooth chip evacuation and compact chips that reduce chip clogging. The inside cutting edge has a spoon-shaped design to reduce cutting forces for smoother chip evacuation even at 6×D drilling depth. The holder body’s flutes provide a large web thickness. A high-rigidity holder body with low cutting resistance provides stable indexable drilling.


  • The Fast Track To High Speed Drilling

    Drill more productively by making a few strategic changes to the process. Those same changes may also let you drill dry.

  • Choose The Best Drill Point Geometry

    The more common twist drill point geometries often are not the best for the job at hand. By choosing the best point for the material being drilled, it is possible to achieve better tool life, hole geometry, precision, and productivity.

  • Don't Overlook EDM Tapping

    In many difficult hole making applications, the best way (and often the only way) to form internal threads is with electrical discharge machining.