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Drill Through Workpieces With Replaceable Vacuum Chuck Top Plate

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The precision-ground Replaceable Aluminum Top Plate from 2L Inc. works in conjunction with the company’s Vac-Vise Modular Vacuum Chucks. The top plate covers the surface of the vacuum chuck to allow drilling though and milling around the periphery of workpieces without damaging the surface of the vacuum chuck. The hole pattern of the top plate is identical to the vacuum chuck for quick setup and consistent workpiece placement.


The top plate fastens securely to the company’s vacuum chuck with the included brass screws, which can be machined without causing damage to the standard cutting tools being used to machine the workpiece.


The modular vacuum chucks and accessories allow for easy prototyping and fast and repeatable setup for production environments, the company says. The single-pallet vacuum chuck kit has a combined pallet size of 16" × 12" or 8" × 24". The three-pallet kit features a combined pallet size of 8" × 36" or 24" × 12". Also offered is a four-pallet kit that achieves a large pallet workholding area, with a combined pallet area of 16" × 24".



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