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Drilling Platform Performs Various Hole-Making Operations


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The Top Cut 4 indexable drilling platform from Widia is designed for users that machine a broad assortment of products and need one drill for a variety of applications and workpiece materials. This hole-making system is capable of through-holes and cross-holes, inclined entry and exit, 45-degree corners, half-cylindrical, concave, and chain drilling. Four true cutting edges result in higher speeds, feeds and metal removal rates as well as extended tool life, according to the company.

Periphery and center inserts feature cutting profiles that provide good centering capability and workpiece penetration, and the resulting stability prevents tool drifting even on irregular surfaces, the company says. The inner and outer inserts are clearly differentiated to reduce mix-ups, and are available in grades for high-speed applications, high toughness demands and high metal removal rates in general. Specific geometries are offered with such features as reinforced cutting edges and a steep chipbreaker for steel, cast iron and short-chipping materials, or an optimized chip groove for stainless steel, long-chipping steels and situations where low power consumption is required.

In addition, Top Cut 4 features high-stability shanks in lengths ranging from 2 to 5×D in both metric and inch configurations. Diameters range from 12 to 68 mm (0.473" to 2.5"). Eight insert sizes cover the complete diameter range. Robust cutter bodies are marked by deep helix-angled flutes for efficient chip evacuation even at 5×D length. Large coolant holes provide efficient coolant delivery and extend insert life.


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