Drills Feature Tool Connection With High Clamping Force

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Big Kaiser says its indexable insert drills’ straight-flute design guarantees a short distance for chip evacuation as well as high radial and torsional rigidity. A large seating diameter provides the custom KAB6 modular tool connection with high clamping force. This makes the drill suitable for extreme conditions such as inclined entry or exit surfaces and interruptions in the hole, the company says. The KAB6 connection is designed to provide high precision and rigidity by maintaining quality runout and face-to-face performance of the drill and tool shank. The drills are available in diameters ranging from 16 to 30 mm and lengths of 3×D and 4×D. Their inserts feature four true cutting edges. In addition, the KAB6 connection can be used for all drill diameters from 0.630" to 2.5" and enables the drills to cut fractional sizes.

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