Dual Chamber Furnaces

The economy and versatility of two independently controlled hardening and drawing chambers are combined in space-saving line of gas-fired, dual chamber furnaces, according to the company.

The Blue Devil series ranges in load capacity from 45 lbs to 135 lbs and in chamber size from 9" h x 12" w x 18" l to 18" h x 18" w x 24" l.

The upper hardening chamber is rated up to 2,300°F and the lower draw chamber up to 1,600°F. Each chamber is individually fired and operated with separate digital controls, burners, blowers and sensing switches.

Pressing the start button in the new series automatically purges the chamber with air before igniting the pilot. Also, the hardening chamber heats to 2,000°F in less than 60 minutes and includes lightweight firebrick insulation, arch roof construction, under firing with premix blower burner, silicon carbide hearth plates and independent flue exhausts.

The Blue Devil is manufactured to NFPA guidelines, including such fail/safe features as a supervised pilot, door shutoff switch and automatic shutdown in the event of loss of gas, electricity, blower or pilot flame, according to the company.

All models are pre-piped and ready for installation and burner assembly is factory set for proper "on-ratio" firing.


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