Dual-Channel Meter For Lasers And Optical Sources

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Now available from Spiricon Power Products Inc. is the Universal Meter for power and energy (MPE-2500). The product, which has been developed for the measurement of lasers and other optical sources, interfaces to thermopile, pyroelectric, semiconductor and temperature probes. It is equipped a digital readout, analog bar and dynamic graphs on a high-resolution backlit LCD screen, in addition to a backlit keypad for dark environments. Interfaces include an SD card slot for logging stability data and a USB interface for remote virtual instrumentation via LabView on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Probe selection features 36 thermopile models, including a 600-W air-cooled version. Fifteen pyroelectric probes have 12-, 25-, 50-, 50-, 75- and 100-mm diameter receptors, with various absorption coatings. Semiconductor probes are offered for UV, visible and near IR applications. Accessories such as diffusers for high peak power lasers and fiber optic adapters are available.

The meter incorporates other features such as a dual-battery option for extended remote operation (duration of 24 continuous hours), simultaneous measurement of average power and individual pulse energy and ambient temperature tracking.