Dual-Column Band Saw

The C-800NC programmable dual-column band saw has a 31.5" round and 15" x 12.6" rectangular capacity. It can store as many as 10 jobs that include quantity and length of cut. It is suitable for mass production. The saw is equipped with an inverter driven, 2 5/8" blade, a 15-hp drive motor, and a programmable touchscreen control. The saw can be fitted with the company's "V-Drive Technology" that is said to improve cutting speed on hard-to-cut material. This optional drive not only improves the metal cutting rate, but prolongs blade life in the process, making it the economical choice for its superior cutting speed in production sawing, the company says. Other bandsaws on display will be the Smart NC series C-420NC and C-300NC, the automatic AH-250R, the semi-automatic 60-degree mitering SH-500M, and the manual MH-460M band saws.

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