Dual Function Bar Feed

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The Hydrobar Sprint 555 is an automatic bar feed for high production, precision applications that incorporates both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles in bar feeding. Hydrostatic operation permits users to cut up to 12 ft. bar stock at maximum spindle speeds without dangerous vibrations. This vibration reduction produces more precise surface finishes on parts being machined, and extends tool life. The hydrodynamic principle allows for a wider range of bar stock diameters, fewer guide channels, and 2 to 8-minute changeovers, all of which reduce downtime, improve productivity and support unattended operation.

           The bar feed reduces the number of guide channels necessary to accommodate the 1/4” to 2-1/8” range of bar stock diameters. When a changeover is necessary, a quick release system for changing guiding elements reduces changeover times. The quick release feature allows an operator to manually change the guiding channels, without tools, in seconds.

Other features include automatic, servo-driven torque and speed adjustments and quick setups through a menu-driven, prompting remote control.


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