Dual Operator Ironworker

The Dual Operator 150-Ton hydraulic ironworker, with four built-in stations, has a 150-ton capacity punch and a 12” throat depth, which can punch a  1-1/2” hole in 1-1/4” material and a 2-1/2” hole in 3/4” material.  This machine has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps to insure full hydraulic pressure and speed to both operations, as well as two valves, two stroke controls and two remote foot pedals.  Standard features include a 6” × 6” × 1/2” angle shear, and a rectangular notcher that can notch 3” × 5-3/4” through 1/2" material.  The 24” flat bar shear features a low rake angle and has the ability to shear up to 1” × 14” and 3/4” × 24” material with minimal distortion.  This machine also has the ability to accept optional equipment such as press brakes, rod shear, tube shears, picket tools and special tooling.

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