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6/24/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Durable VMC Performs Heavy Cutting

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The Romi D 1500 vertical machining center is designed for durability, rigidity and capacity combined with dynamic and speed.

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The Romi D 1500 vertical machining center is designed for durability, rigidity and capacity combined with dynamic and speed. Available in 50- and 40-taper versions, the VMC performs extra-heavy cutting within its large work envelope, with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 60" × 30" × 30". A two-speed gearbox spindle and oversized construction enable heavy cuts.

The machine spindle cartridge is designed to supply high stiffness and cutting stability. According to Romi, the high-precision, lifetime-lubricated spindle bearings enable spindle speeds ranging to 6,000 rpm. The two-speed gearbox head provides full power at only 425 rpm and provides 364 foot-pounds of low-end torque. When higher speeds are required, a range of 30-hp, direct-drive headstock options enabling 8,000, or 10,000 or 12,000 rpm are available.

The machine’s C frame made from heavily-ribbed cast iron is said to eliminate vibration while promoting good surface finishes and long cutting tool life. Four oversized linear rails in the Y axis support the machine’s saddle and worktable, holding parts as heavy as 4,000 lbs and delivering high X-axis accuracy over the full travel range of the machine along with time savings from axis speeds reaching 1,181 ipm.

The placement of the motor and gearbox ensures no offset and promotes steady, smooth movement of the headstock along the Z axis. This design reduces torsion on the headstock and ensures rigidity, long-term accuracy and repeatability, the company says. Large-diameter, pre-tensioned ballscrews in a double-nut preloaded configuration minimize the potential for thermal growth and promote high accuracy and high-speed positioning.

Additional features include a Siemens 828D control with simulation and conversational programming features, a full enclosure, a spindle chiller, and a high-speed automatic tool changer.


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