Economic 3D Printer Uses Powder Bed Process

OR Laser’s Orlas Creator has a powder bed process that uses a high-quality laser and a recoater blade with speeds said to be up to 30 percent faster than comparable systems.

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O.R. Laser says its Orlas Creator metal 3D printing platform offers a new paradigm for the high quality, economic 3D printing of metal products and parts. According to OR Laser, Orlas Creator has a powder bed process that utilizes a high-quality laser and a proprietary recoater blade that has speeds up to 30 percent faster than comparable systems.

OR Laser is releasing the Orlas Creator with an open source materials approach, which means that customers are not locked into an arrangement with any specific materials supplier. However, the company is aware of the issues that arise from processing metal AM powders, and the company says it is keen to offer its customers options for optimal performance with the Orlas Creator.

Therefore, OR Laser is in collaboration with Heraeus with the goal of qualifying Heraeus powdered materials for the Orlas Creator and then developing specific 3D printing parameters and guidelines for Heraeus powders. To do that, Heraeus will obtain an Orlas Creator system and test it with a wide range of its powdered materials.


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