Edge Technologies FMB Turbo 3-38 Feeder Handles Long Barstock


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Edge Technologies bar feeder

The FMB Turbo 3-38 from Edge Technologies is an automatic bar-loading magazine feeder designed for feeding round, square and hexagonal barstock into CNC lathes. Quick-change polyurethane guide channels promote quiet operation at high turning speeds, the company says. This feeder is compatible with all types of sliding or fixed, CNC- or cam-operated lathes with spindle bores ranging to 38 mm.

The Bosch controller, which uses a servomotor drive, can change the length and rate of feed. The new 8" touchscreen control panel is described as Industry 4.0-ready for Ethernet communication.

As with other models in the Turbo line, the FMB is equipped with a headstock synchronization device enabling rapid backward/forward movements on fast-moving, sliding-headstock lathes without forward feed pressure from the bar pusher. The result, according to the company, is the elimination of bar distortion. For irregularly shaped barstock, the feed mechanism is automatically pulsed to ensure the profiled material is successfully located in the lathe collet or chuck.

The polyurethane guide channels can be changed in about 10 min., according to the company, when multiple barstock diameters are needed. Oil-filled guide channels envelope the stock. 

A roller steady rest device guides the barstock between the bar feeder and lathe. The rollers can be continuously adjusted to the bar diameter and can be replaced with blocks for supporting profiled material. Two Turbo 3-38 configurations The 12-ft. unit can handle bar lengths of 3,800 mm, while the 6-ft. unit accommodates 2,200-mm bars.

Part to part feedout can be controlled without a dead stop. Loading time for a 12-ft. bar is 24 sec. Maximum adjustable forward feed rate is 1,000 mm per sec. Maximum adjustable return speed is 2,000 mm per sec.

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