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6/19/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

EDM Drill Offers Clean Entrance Holes, Smooth Positioning

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The SY-4060 is a small-hole EDM drill featuring a full three-axis CNC with a Windows operating system, G- and M-code programming, Ethernet networking and optional Automatic Electrode Change (AEC) capability. According to the company, the control and quick-response, Z-axis AC servomotor and the standard triplex, three-plunger, high-pressure dielectric pump enable rapid removal of disintegrated material. The built-in microprocessor enables the machine to approach the part with low electrode power and increase to full power in a three-step sequence. This ensures clean entrance holes with a small, controlled initial spark, reducing burrs and work-surface scars caused by molten splatter, the company says.   With the built-in Auto-Z feature, the machine resets zero on the Z axis at the first spark to compensate for electrode wear. Users can program depth of cut, retract stroke and machine settings at the control. On the fixed-table design, the X and Y axes are arranged in a gantry configuration that supports and provides linear motion to the drill head for electrode positioning. This arrangement allows the machine to support heavy workpieces. According to the company, positioning motion is smooth and accurate because the X and Y axes are under constant conditions and thus are not affected by workpiece load. Linear roller ways support all slides, which use high-precision ballscrews for precision and ease of movement.   The X and Y axes, which have respective travels of 23.6" and 15.7", are equipped with linear bearing ways and precision linear glass scales with 1-µ resolution. Position readouts are displayed on the control panel, providing constant updates on the machine as it operates. The precision-ground, stainless steel worktable measures 31.4" × 19.6". It is divided into nine mounting surfaces with a series of threaded holes. Movable rails accept tooling and clamping for locating workpieces as heavy as 1,750 lbs. The machine’s dielectric unit, a self-priming triplex, three-plunger pump, produces between 1,200 to 1,400 psi. Average running pressure is 500 to 700 psi. The power supply at the base of the machine allows users to select pulse and pause times from 1 to 99 microseconds and 30 average amperes of power.


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