EDM Drill's Revised Design Increases Machining Speed


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Makino’s EDBV3 is an EDM drilling machine designed to produce cooling film holes in blade and vane turbine engine component details. The machine applies fully submerged operation to enhance machining speed and accuracy for stable breakthrough operations, especially when machining into a hollow internal cavity. Capable of detecting breakthrough within 1 sec., the machine uses the company’s digital ES200A generator to increases power up to 80 A.

The revised machine design streamlines production applications and increases machining speed. The rapid feed rate of the X, Y and Z travels has been doubled to 10 m/min, reducing positioning time. The machine’s integrated two-axis rotary table has been reconfigured to place the workpiece closer to the center of rotation, which reduces positioning distance, and the indexing speed has been improved from 3 to 10 rpm. Additional improvements include a longer Z-axis stroke, enhancements to the automatic toolchanger (ATC) and an optimized machine layout.

The Hyper-i control delivers a common interface for all of the company’s EDMs.


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