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EDM Model Promotes Accuracy, Repeatability

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IMTS 2018: AccuteX’s AL-600SA CNC Wire EDM moving-table model, displayed in Absolute Machine Tools’ booth, has six-axis processing capability, a PCD cutting circuit and linear shaft motors that contribute to improved positioning and speed.

AccuteX’s AL-600SA CNC wire EDM moving-table model will be displayed in the Absolute Machine Tools booth. It has six-axis processing capability, a PCD cutting circuit and linear-shaft motors that contribute to improved positioning and speed. The machine features Hiwin linear guideways, 0.000004" Fagor glass scales and 64-bit processing.

Other features include S-cut fine-finish skimming (9 µin Ra surface finish) and lead-in/lead-out control that reduces witness marks at entry and exit points. The machine is accurate to ±0.00012" (0.003 mm) and repeatable to ±0.00008" (0.002 mm). MST-II micro sparking technology promotes surface finishes as smooth as 5 µin Ra in five passes.

The machine features the company’s fully annealing automatic wire threading and can perform submerged machining as deep as 11.81" (300 mm). Travels measure 23.62" in the X axis, 15.74" in the Y axis, 11.81" in the Z axis and 3.94" in the U and V axes. Maximum workpiece size is 38.97" × 24.41" × 11.61" (990 x 621 x 295 mm), with a maximum workpiece weight of 2,450 lbs (1,113 kg).


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IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.

South, Level 3, Booth 338536

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