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EDM Rethreads Broken Wire without Dielectric Drain/Refill

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The Accutex GE wire EDMs from Absolute Machine Tools combine high cutting speed and accuracy.

The Accutex GE wire EDMs from Absolute Machine Tools combine high cutting speed and accuracy. The line also features automatic wire threading (AWT) that provides fast submerged rethreading at the break point. When wire breakage occurs, rethreading takes place without dielectric drainage/refilling, resulting in spark-to-spark times as fast as 15 sec. In addition, an air-driven wire removal system quickly disposes of waste wire, the company says.

The EDMs are capable of 33.5-in.2/hr. cutting speeds using 0.012" high-speed wire. The AccuteX stable discharge (SD) master-powered servo control system enhances accuracy, repeatability and surface finish while minimizing the possibility of wire breakage. The Accutex Intelligent Discharge Unit is designed to maximize performance in changing workpiece thicknesses and water flushing conditions. A digital AC power supply facilitates high-speed, electrolysis-free machining.

The controller features an “automatic corner control” that analyzes cutting data, wire diameter, cutting angle and workpiece thickness to automatically determine parameters that will maintain the best corner-cutting performance from roughing to finishing operations. The six-axis controller also includes Z-axis positioning and five-axis simultaneous interpolation to enable processing of any “turn and burn” application. A rotary table and controller can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications.


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