EDMs Optimize Challenging Cutting Operations

GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles Cut P series of wire EDMs is designed to provide precise positioning and contouring.

GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles Cut P series of wire EDMs is designed to provide precise positioning and contouring. The Cut P 350, 550, 800 and 1250 machines feature efficient power generators and automation options for lights-out operation.

Intelligent power generator technology is said to deliver surface finishes as smooth as Ra 0.10 micron and boost cutting speeds by as much as 20 percent. Expert systems further optimize cutting performance for challenging applications. Power-Expert monitors and changes power levels while cutting parts with variable heights, protecting them from instability while maintaining cutting speeds. Surface-Expert controls the spark parameters during finish operations for high-quality surface finishes and reduced secondary benchwork.

Wire-Expert controls wire wear to ensure geometrical accuracy. Profil-Expert automatically adapts machining parameters and the cut path for rough and skim passes, ensuring positioning and contour accuracies of ±2 microns. Taper-Expert cuts angles from 0 to 30 degrees (45 degrees as an option) to maximum Z heights, correcting shifts of the Z reference position in real time, even as the taper angle changes. The taper angle is held to within 10 sec. on average.

The machines feature collision protection in the X, Y, U, V and Z axes, even at maximum axis travel speeds of 3 m/min, and can be connected to shop management systems.

Automation solutions, including automatic slug management and slug welding as well as a Renishaw probing system, are said to reduce processing time by up to 20 percent in lights-out production environments.

With more than 600 preprogrammed cutting processes, the machines tackle parts as large as 800 mm in height and 6,000 kg in weight. Wires are available in 0.1-, 0.15-, 0.2-, 0.25-, 0.3- and 0.33-mm diameters.

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