Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks

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The company has introduced the Neo-Linear series of electro-permanent magnetic chucks designed specifically for milling of ferrous components--vertical, horizontal, rotary table and palletized. The chucks are said to feature powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets and simple linear pole design and are engineered as complete workholding systems. Available in two versions, the NL50s have 2" wide poles and are suited for larger work. The NL25s have 1" wide poles and are suited to smaller, thinner detail work. The linear pole layout, according to the company, provides flexibility and simplicity and is supplied with a tapped hole pattern to attach a range of optional accessories. Typical setups include the use of mild steel risers to raise the workpiece and clearance for edge milling and through drilling. At up to 11 tons/sq. ft pull, the magnetic grip is consistent over the entire face of the workpiece, and the company says this results in excellent accuracy and finish, reduced vibration, improved tool life and fast, easy setups.

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