Electronic Height Gages

These No. 3752 electronic height gages feature a 0.380” (9.65mm) LCD display and intuitive control panel. The gages have clear bar graduations, a resolution of 0.0005” (0.01mm), an RS232 output for data collection, analysis and hard copy documentation. A range of user functions makes them useful for most height measuring applications.

Two sizes are available in ranges of up to 12” (300mm) and  up to 24” (600mm), with bar graduations in 0.100” increments.  A “hold” control retains a reading at virtually any position, while ± indication ensures reading in the proper direction. 

Users can set Zero at any position, retain and return to the true zero reading using the positive action keypad. The gages also have a Preset button to install readings, with the ability to assign minimum and maximum limits.


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