Eliminate Witness Lines

Makino’s SurfaceWizard is said to provide exceptional surface quality in applications where the part has variable shape thickness, or sudden changes in thickness such as a stepped part.

Historically, when stepped parts have been created on a wire EDM, the process would leave a witness line at the transition from one step thickness to the next. Many times the part would have a taper with variations in straightness across the machined surface. SurfaceWizard is said to virtually eliminate these lines and has been shown to maintain part straightness within 5 microns in one pass and within 2.5 microns in two-pass machining.

SurfaceWizards technology has been developed for tool steels up to 4" (0.2 mm) thick and will support 0.008" (0.020 mm) and 0.010" (0.025 mm) diameter wires with one- and two-pass conditions. Developed specifically for use in poor flushing conditions where the nozzles cannot be sealed on the work surface, the technology is available as standard on all Makino SP and U series wire EDMs with the MGW-S5 control.

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