Embedded PC Features Windows XP Or Windows CE

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Beckhoff Automation introduces its CX1010 Embedded PC, which is suited for machine builders and end users. With a 500 MHz Pentium MMX-compatible processor, it offers Central Processing Unit (CPU) performance suitable for a wide range of automation and control applications. With bundled TwinCat PLC software and Windows operating system (OS), the EtherCat-ready PC is a mid-range performance device in the scalable CX family. In combination with TwinCat automation software, the PC is said to become a high-performance PLC and motion controller that can be used with or without visualization. The PC features built-in Ethernet connectivity and an optional digital video interface (DVI), and two USB interfaces can be added. Further system interfaces for serial communication (2 × RS232 or 2 × RS422/485) or audio signals can be ordered separately. In addition to EtherCat compatibility, further system I/O and fieldbus interfaces from the CX family can be connected via the PC/104 interface, which is available on both sides of the device. These give the user five additional fieldbus options: DeviceNet, Profibus, Sercos, Canopen or Lightbus. The CX family includes several basic CPU modules with different processors for optimum adaptation to the respective control task. The core CPU module of the PC is 57-mm wide and is available with Windows CE or Windows XP embedded as the OS. The CPU offers 256 MB of internal RAM, a 64-MB compact flash card and an Ethernet interface.