Employ High Scanning Speeds To Measure Difficult Workpieces

New LSM-544 series laser scan micrometers from Mitutoyo America Corporation combine multi-face polygonal mirrors and high speed motors to perform up as many as 1,600 scans per second. This capability is useful for measuring items moving on-line at high speeds, such as fiber extrusions or vibrating workpieces.


Available in an array of models, the instrument is suitable for applications ranging from measurement of fine wires that are 0.005 mm in diameter at a resolution of 0.01 microns, to measurement of cylindrical workpieces as large as 120 mm. The product is also useful for measuring the   X and Y axes of electric cables and fibers, as well as measuring the unevenness of a film and a sheet, sheet thicknesses, interval of IC chip leads, gap, laser disk and magnetic disk read/write head movement and pin-and-plug gage.


Integrated or remote displays are available (depending upon model). The company also offers various accessories to suit setups including adjustable workstages and fixturing blocks, calibration gage sets and air blow covers for use in environments where excessive smoke or dust is present.




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