Emuge's Circle Segment End Mills Shorten Five-Axis Cycle Times

IMTS Spark: Emuge’s circle segment cutters are designed to remove more material in fewer passes during five-axis machining


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Emuge circle segment end mills

Emuge’s circle segment cutters are designed to remove more material in fewer passes during five-axis machining, resulting in cycle time reductions and smoother surface finish. Said to be ideal for machining turbine blades, impellers, blisks and in moldmaking applications, the tools feature large radii in the cutting area, allowing for a larger axial depth of cut during pre-finishing and finishing operations.

The end mills are available in four geometries: barrel-shaped, oval-form, taper-form and lens-shaped. Oval- and taper-form mills are effective when machining curved shapes such as blades or straight-walled pockets, freely engaging more of the cutting edge. Barrel-shaped mills enable flank milling to the sides of spiral grooves and similar applications, while lens-shaped mills are said to excel in narrow channels or in lands on molds. 

CAM system software is required to support and compute the geometries of the circle segment end mills to achieve the performance levels the tools were designed for, according to the company.

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