Emuge's Innoform-Steel-M Taps Form Threads in Medium-Strength Steels

Emuge’s Innoform-Steel-M line of HSSE-PM taps are designed to form threads with improved surface quality while increasing static and dynamic thread strength.


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Innoform-Steel-M taps from Emuge

Emuge’s Innoform-Steel-M line of HSSE-PM taps are designed to form threads with improved surface quality while increasing static and dynamic thread strength in medium-strength steels up to 44 HRC. According to Emuge, the taps’ polygon geometry ensures lower torque and longer life. A powdered metal substrate and TiN-66 coating with increased hardness reduces friction and improves tool life. Additionally, increased groove lubrication boosts process reliability.

Innoform-Steel-M Taps are recommended for forming cold-extension steels; cementation steels; castings; heat-treatable, nitriding and cold work steels; and high-alloyed and hot work steels.

Taps are available in styles for blind or through-hole applications in lead taper forms C/2-3 and E/1.5-2 threads. Options include solid tools or coolant-through. Inch taps are available in UNC and UNF thread sizes, featuring a 2BX class of fit, DIN length and ANSI shanks; while metric taps feature coarse and fine thread sizes with 6HX class of fit, DIN length and DIN shanks.


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