End Mill Designed For Chip Removal

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The Blizzard is a series of end mills for aluminum applications. The end mills’ design includes an end cut gash and offset teeth, which are said to allow for large depths of cut and maximum feed per tooth resulting in aluminum chips. The end mills expand the company’s Exocarb WX-AL series of aluminum end mills.

The end mills are used for slotting, step milling, pocket milling and most other aluminum applications where rapid, maximum chip removal is desired. Extensive test data have proven the inch diameter to deliver clean cuts at feed rates of 450 ipm and speeds of 9,000 rpm on highly rigid machine tools, according to the company. Slotting operations on stub length tools can be performed at axial depths equal to the diameter of the tool.

The end mills feature a two-flute design and are available in regular and stub lengths. Also, square and various corner radii are available as standard. They are manufactured in low-cobalt, regular grain carbide that is said to enhance tool life by reducing BUE (built-up edge) during machining and are available in standard sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1" diameter.

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